Saturday, 13 November 2010

ornament flowers

here is a bit different one..These are quite nice when done on the propper size as they follow the lines of the body  in a pretty cool way...Yes,I like tribals only if they are big enough for the area to be tattooed,but that is true for any style of tattoo.I have found out that most of the clients that come to the shop to fix old tattoos, usually complain about the size(too small for the area)or position..and not so often about the motiv(after all we get used to it no matter how ugly it is..we have it ,so we have to live with it) ..having quite a big open area  around the tattoo could get quite annoying after some time(could be years)..So,think wise when desiding about the size of your next tattoo...:) have fun!

space captain

one more of the polumer clay creations..I think I did  that one after's been a while ,so it is hard to girlfrind  Paja was gettin into sawing back then and that explanes the weird textile like base with buttons on it..we do swap ideas pretty often..she did resently some stuffed creepy teddy bears based on my paitings...super cool stuff(maybe in the next post) So here it is ..kind of creepy of the eye balls is hanging out,but I guess that is just to help him get a wider vision..also quite a bit of metal stuck to his head(no particulat reason:)..but it looks cool)  and sooooo on... the color of the face is somewhat bluish and purple..bu for some weird reason all turned black and gray n the photo(or maybe I just pressed a wrong button:))enjoy!


Hi again!Finally made it to the blog again.It seems pretty hard to find time for this...There is just soooo many cool things to do instead of sitting in front of the computer.I guess it is just a matter of habit.Hopefully it iwll get easier with the time :)
This time the post is about a hobby I picked up last winter...polymer clay sculpting.Super cool...super fun..and super big time consumer(which kind of explanes why I don't do it nowadays..But the winter is comming and who knows..maybe a few new sculpt may be done:)
I named that one is the most time comsuming sculpt project I have done..took me about 3 days to complete.. I found it very hard to leave the work unfinished and get back to it the next just drives me crazy..Of course since the tattoos take sooooo long to complete I like to do my other project pretty fast...1 day...couple of hours and that is it..DONE!This time I had to take a bit longer on the projest,but the result was worthed..a lott of cool things happened there and I had a lot of fun experimenting with different materials.The dream catcher was a bit of a chalenge ,but after downloading some tutorial from the internet and few tries ,it worked the way I wanter.Anothe cool thing was the little pensil(don't know if it is vissible in the pics:)) I used a tooth pick for that one...cut it and paint it in the propper siver gay and black to match the rest.The pillar of the shrine is anding actually like a human finger(another funny experiment) and we also have a lolly pop and a raven claw somewhere on the ground.For the grass I used the stuff the use for the warhamer just fine.The base is a wooden plate from Panduro and the rest is sculpted in Fimo burned in the oven and painted with actylics..Hope you like it...someday maybe I will figure the story behind this one...If you happen to like writing about creepy stuff I would love to hear your interpretation...the more stories the better:)So enjoy...

Thursday, 28 October 2010

neo traditional tattoo with a japanese touch

that was a super nice project that we did about an year ago ,but I just happened to find the photos recently in my computer( and it wasn´t easy:))...the customer came with  the idea that he like to have a sleeeve tattoo (kind of neo traditional)with  lots of  colors,I did some rough sketches and we figured out which elements we will actually use in the tattoo (sugar skull,old ship,roses with diamonds..broken the inside of the arm there ia a two headed raven which I quite enjoyed doing..also the shaking hands with the anchor tattoo on one of them.. .)Since the customer was quite open for sugestions ,I had a lot of freedom about the composition and the colors .We mixed a bit of a japanese style background ..just to keep the flow in the piece and we went for a bit different colors, which seemed to work quite well altogether... the two headed raven in the inside part of the arm added a bit of surrealistic touch and really made the piece a lot of, enough writing ..there it is...

airbrush from the past

demon faces...:) always fun to draw..I don't do them that often now but I still quite enjoy them..
That is a bit older actually got destoyed when I tryed to clear coat it,so I had to draw something else instead..or my friend had to drive without a gas cap for quite a while~))..I wanted to redraw it for quite a long time but still havent got around to do's always more fun to do new stuff instead copying the old ones...:))...oh yeah...and the signature was a bit different back then:)
..that one I did on a visit at my friend's shop Naga tatto in Germany....airbrush on is more like a color sketch than a finished piece but I like it  the way it is~)

Japanese snowflakes tattoo

Just a little reminder for the winter: )This customer wanted to have a tattoo in a "japanese" like style related to his family,so we mixed couple of things together just to make it the symbols in the pole(I don't remember what it was,but something about family...)..and since he comes from the north we put some snowflakes to represent that..pretty cool project..deffinitely fun to do!

phoenix tattoo

Last year Zossi came in the shop with a little sticker as a reference for her new tattoo.It was a phoenix bird and she wanted it on the ribs.After some discussions and a bit of thinking on her side,we ended up doing it a bit different and a bit bigger:)..Hopefully the background will follow somewhere in the future... Now she takes a well deserved break.:),here is what we have so far..